Vermilion City is a city located near the middle of Kanto. It has the 3rd Gym, whose Gym Leader is Lt.Surge. There is a dock in the southern part of the city. Here, you can board the SS.Anne. You can also reach the Sevii Islands from here. There is a Machop near an Old Man who is stomping the ground to lay a foundation. There is a Pokemon Center and a Poke Mart here. There are 2 ways to get here: Route 6 and Route 11. Digletts Cave is located near here.

Areas of InterestEdit

Pokemon Fan Club

Fisherman's House

Little Girl's House

Vermilion City Gym

The Unknown Foundation

Pidgey Mail House

Poke CenterEdit

There are 5 people inside the Pokemon Center in Vermilion City ( Including Nurse Joy).

There is an Ace Trainer inside the Pokemon Center. If you talk to her, she will give you a Vs. Seeker.

If you interact with the book shelf inside the Pokemon Center, it will unlock a slot in the Fame Checker. It says: "Pokemon Journal. Special Feature: Vermilion Gym Leader: Lt. Surge! Lt. Surge is rumored to have been a pilot while home in America. He used the electricity generated by Pokemon to power his plane."

Poke MartEdit

The Poke Mart in Vermilion City is located near the center of the city. Is is located east of the Little Girl's House and west of the Diglett's Cave.

Here are the items that are sold here:

Poke Ball: 200

Super Potion: 700

Antidote: 100

Parlyz Heal: 200

Awakening: 250

Ice Heal: 250

Repel: 350

Pokemon Fan ClubEdit

The Pokemon Fan Club is located in Vermilion City. It is located next to the Little Girl's House. There are 2 pokemon here: Pikachu and Seel. There are also 4 people inside the Fan Club. If you talk to the Chairman of the Fan Club, he will give you a Bike Voucher. The Bike Voucher will let you get a bike at the Bike Shop in Viridian City.

The Seel is owned by the Girl, and the Pikachu is belongs to the Man.

Also, you can get an unlocked slot in the Fame Checker from the Woman inside, sitting next to the Chairman. It unlocks a slot to: Daisy. The woman says: "Our chairman really does adore his Pokemon. But the person who is most liked by Pokemon is Daisy, I think."

Fisherman's HouseEdit

The Fisherman in here will ask you if you like to fish. If you say yes, he will give you an Old Rod.

Little Girl's HouseEdit

The Little Girl's House is located in Vermilion City. It is located east from the Pokemon Fan Club and is located West of Vermilion City. She will trade a Farfetch'd for a Spearow. The level of the Spearow you give to her, will always be the same level as the Farfetch'd. Example:

Level 25 Spearow = Level 25 Farfetch'd

Little Girl:

"Hi! Do you have a SPEAROW? Want to trade it for my FARFETCH'D?"

If you say no, she will say:

"That's too bad."

If you say yes, the screen will show your 6 pokemon that are in your party. If you give her a pokemon that is not Spearow she will say:

"...This is no SPEAROW. If you get one, please trade it to me!"

Vermilion City GymEdit

The Vermilion City Gym is located in the South-West part of Vermilion City. The entrance to Vermilion City Gym is blocked by a cuttable tree. The Gym Leader of the Gym is: Lt.Surge. There are 3 trainers inside ( Not including Lt.Surge ). You need to find 2 locks in order to open up the electric barrier that is keeping you from challenging Lt.Surge right away. Lt.Surge has 3 pokemon and he uses Electric Type Pokemon.

Level 20 Pikachu

Level 18 Voltorb

Level 24 Raichu

If you defeat Lt.Surge, you will obtain: The Thunder Badge. You will obtain: TM.34 Shock Wave.

Pidgey Mail HouseEdit

Nothing but a letter, 2 people, and a Pidgey here.

The Unknown FoundationEdit

There is a fairly large amount of flat land near the North-East part of Vermilion City. There is a wealthy, old man with a Machop who is stomping the floor. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough money to finish the project.

Items obtained hereEdit

Old Rod - Fisherman's House

Vs Seeker - Pokemon Center

Bike Voucher - Pokemon Fan Club

Lava Cookie - ( Hidden )

Stick - From trading with Little Girl

TM.34 Shock Wave - Gym


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