Pewter City is a city located in the North-West part of Kanto. Pewter City is between the Viridian Forest and Route 3. Pewter City is the location of the 2nd Gym/1st Gym Battle. Brock is the Gym Leader here, and he specializes in Rock-Type Pokemon. It is also the location of the Pewter City Museum. The motto for the city is: "Pewter City: A Stone Gray City".

Pewter City GymEdit

The Pewter City Gym is located in the west side of Pewter City. The Gym Leader is Brock and he specalizes in Rock-Type Pokemon. This is his team:

Level 12 Geodude

Level 14 Onix

You will receive TM.39 Rock Tomb and the Boulderbadge once you defeat Brock.

Pewter City MuseumEdit

The Pewter City Museum is located north of the city. The sign will say: "Pewter Museum of Science". There are 2 entrances inside.

The Guest Entrance: It will cost you 50 PokeDollars to go inside. On the 1st floor, there is a picture of a Aerodactyl Fossil. There is also a Kabutops Fossil there. On the 2nd floor, there is an oversized Moon Stone. There is also a Space Shuttle.

The Employee Entrance: You will need to use HM.01 Cut in order to enter. A man inside will teach you the move: Seismic Toss. You can recieve an Old Amber if you talk to the man next to the table holding the: Old Amber. You can unlock a new slot in the Fame Checker if you interact with the last bookshelf at the right for Brock. If you talk to the man in the left, he will think you are trying to sneak in and not pay your 50 PokeDollars. There is a seat right next to him, so you can pretend that you are also a cashier.

Items FoundEdit

TM.39 Rock Tomb - Pewter City Gym

Old Amber - Pewter City Museum

Trainer Tip SignsEdit

-All Pokemon that appear in battle, however briefly, earn Exp Points.


-There is a man inside the Pewter City Museum who says that he watched Neil Armstrong take a 1st step on the moon on July 20, 1969 in his new colored TV.

-There is a Jigglypuff inside the Pokemon Center that will sing if you interact with it.

-There is a guy who will guide you to the Pewter City Gym, then after you defeat the Gym, will guide you to the Museum. He is in a cross-like cut of grass.

-A Bug Catcher is repeling his flowers in his garden right next to the Pewter City Sign with the motto.

-There are 31 people in Pewter City.

-There are 2 pokemon outside their pokeball in Pewter City.

-There are 39 flowers in Pewter City

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